Match Report
Tonbridge School 5th XI vs  St Paul's School
On: Saturday, 15 Jan 2022
Venue: Away

Away at St Paul's can define a season. The mud pitches are either soft and claggy or baked hard as concrete. This time it was the former and the match started as a physical battle with little football played. However, when the ball was pushed around it became clear that we were the better team and after surviving a few scares at 0-0 including an excellent stop from Charlie Williams, Thomas grabbed the opener. Domanski's strike just on the stroke of half term made us comfortable in the game and we pulled ahead to 4-0 following a nice hit by Phillips and one bundled over the line by Thomas from a Brand corner. St Paul's only tactic was balls over the top or though the back line in an attempt to exploit the space in behind and the unwillingness of the referee to call offside. They made it work once for their goal but otherwise Keeling, Durling, Howard-Sneyd and Kenny stood firm throughout. Wilson came on at half time to give us a bit more pace up top but was hacked down after a minute or two. When he came back on he won a penalty that Kelling calmly put away. A strong result that bodes well for the rest of the season.